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Overall Rating 73/100
Customer Support
Speed & Uptime
Price: $7.95/ month
Plan Name: Business Hosting
Disk Space: 1GB
Data Transfer: 50GB
Control Panel: cPanel
Domains Hosted: 1
Coupons: DEAL
Moneyback: 15 Day

Rochen was established by Chris Adams in July 2000. Headquartered in UK and with data centers in US and Australia, this company specializes in hosting for WordPress, Joomla and other OpenSource CMSs.

In addition to the excellent web hosting plans, Rochen is known for its certified engineers, strong backup, top-class facilities and reliable infrastructure.  Rochen owns all of its own servers so there are no middlemen.

Interesting Fact: Rochen hosts

WordPress Expert Review

We have used Rochen for quite a while and they have always done an excellent job.  Very professional and knowledgeable staff.

For those not familiar with Rochen they host the main website, true it is not WordPress but it is one of the other very popular opensource content management systems.  The do an excellent job supporting the Joomla community these qualities are extended to all the WordPress Sites that they host.  Additionally if they can support such a high traffic site just think what they can do for your blog.

Ability to host WordPress

WordPress runs great at Rochen.  They use cPanel for the control panel which is a perfect fit for WordPress.  In addition to cPanel they are extremely familiar with open source php & mysql applications.  If the previous sentence did not make sense to you all you need to know is Rochen is very familiar with hosting WordPress.

Server Speed & Uptime

Their servers are not oversold like many of the large hosting providers.  They stay up to date with the latest technology and always quick to respond to support tickets.

Rochen is a few dollars more per month than many of the discount hosts and the extra money spent is well worth it.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support.  There is no phone or chat support but they do a great job with support via email. Many of their staff members are extremely talented programmers and system administrators.

Plans & Prices

Rochen has plans that range from Shared hosting all the way up to dedicated servers.  Their prices are more expensive than other companies particularly when you get to the dedicated servers.  In addition to the high quality server hardware you are getting years of WordPress experience and support.

Review Conclusion

If you have a WordPress blog and speed and reliability are big requirements for you Rochen is one of the first hosts to consider.  In fact several of our smaller sites that became more popular needed faster servers so we moved these sites to Rochen.

If you give Rochen a chance we do not think you will be disappointed.

Rochen Features & Detailed Information

Rochen Hosting Plans

Apart from Joomla hosting, WordPress hosting and Drupal hosting features, Rochen also provides the plans given below:

Business Hosting:

This includes Starter plan(Single Domain) as well as Multiple Domain hosting.

Starter Plan: customers get 300 MB storage, 20 GB data transfer and single domain name at a price of $7.95 per month. This is the smallest plan offered by Rochen.

Multiple Domain hosting plans:

  • Plan 1 – 500 MB storage, 30 GB data transfer & 3 domains for $11.95/month
  • Plan 2 – 750 MB storage, 40 GB data transfer & 4 domains for $15.95/month
  • Plan 3 – 1000 MB storage, 50 GB data transfer & 5 domains for $23.95/month

Reseller Hosting:

  • Plan 1 – 1500 MB storage, 50 GB data transfer & unlimited domains for $25.95/month
  • Plan 2 – 2500 MB storage, 60 GB data transfer & unlimited domains for $35.95/month
  • Plan 3 – 3000 MB storage, 70 GB data transfer & unlimited domains for $45.95/month
  • Plan 4 – 3500 MB storage, 80 GB data transfer & unlimited domains for $55.95/month
  • Plan 5 – 4000 MB storage, 90 GB data transfer & unlimited domains for $65.95/month

Enterprise Hosting:

Designed for business enterprises, this level includes Managed Virtual Server and Managed Servers.

Managed Virtual Server plan: includes 15 GB storage, 200 GB data transfer, 1 GB RAM, unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts at $149.95 per month.

Managed Servers plan: customers get dedicated hosting with all the features of other plans and more. for $395.95 per month.

Rochen Technical and WordPress Features

Rochen hosting plans provide autoinstalling for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and PHPBB. The Apache, MySQL and PHP servers are optimal for installing and running advanced scripts, Joomla sites and WordPress blogs. WordPress Quick Installer can be used for one click installation while using any of the multiple WordPress themes available in your control panel. High performance and privately owned infrastructure are provided for stable and secure hosting backups.

Customer Support

  • Phone Support: Yes
  • Email Support: Yes (24hr/day)
  • Support Ticket System: Yes (24hr/day)
  • Live Support Chat: No
  • Support Forums: Yes
  • FAQ & Knowledge base: Yes

Customer support options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through customer Support Portal and forums.

Visit Rochen

Steven Johnson, a WP Hosting Reviews senior editor, works from Atlanta and covers all things related to WordPress and Hosting. He graduated from Georgia Tech in Chemical Engineering, has managed hosting companies and now builds WordPress and Joomla Websites for small to medium companies full time.

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Rochen Hosting Review4.25Steven Johnson2010-02-18 10:04:05Rochen is a great WordPress host and Open Source supporter.

For those not familiar with Rochen they are one of the larger Joomla hosts and are the official hosting company. Read our full Rochen WordPress Hosting Review

More about Rochen:
Very Fast Reliable Servers
Smart Responsive Tech Support
Datacenters in the US and England
Established in 2000

It you are looking for a hosting company with a personal touch, check out Rochen.

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2 Responses to Rochen Hosting Review

  1. Aram Brazilian says:
    Overall Rating 50/100
    Customer Support
    Speed & Uptime

    I was with Rochen for 3 years and when there were no problems, everything was fine. But I believe the most import quality when choosing a hosting company is their level of support, and it is here that they failed me horribly.

    My site was hacked and there were some Perl script running that caused Rochen concern with their server security. I can of course understand this. But they were arrogant with me in the support thread (my only way to communicate with them). They took my site down twice and both times left me hanging for hours upon hours. There was nothing I could do, as I was entirely at their mercy. Trust me, you do not want to be at Rochen’s mercy, period. To say they have a terrible ‘bedside manner’ with non-developers is an understatement. I am in customer service and if I ever treated a client the way they treated me…. well, my boss would hear about it – that much I am certain.

    It is my recommendation that you stay clear of Rochen if you are a non-developer.

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    5 / 5 found this review helpful.
  2. Overall Rating 95/100
    Customer Support
    Speed & Uptime

    Rochen is expensive if you look at just the price. For the price I paid for hosting 3 domains, I could have gotten, unlimited domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and even free IP from some other hosts.

    But I stick with Rochen. Unlimited bandwidth means if unfortunately your site is placed with a few high traffic sites, your site will be very very very slow. I have hosted with another popular hosts before and I have problems accessing my site hosted there.

    The customer service is excellent, and reply to you very quickly even if you just send in a “normal” ticket to them.

    Highly recommended, and you will never look back.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1 / 2 found this review helpful.