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WordPress is continually becoming more popular among businesses of all sizes. It makes managing a website easy for even the most inexperienced of individuals while allowing for advanced and interactive features to be implemented using things like plugins and themes.

The problem with WordPress isn’t the platform itself; it’s the hosting used to support most websites that use it. Traditional environments just aren’t built to support growing businesses that use WordPress for their website.

This is where Pagely enters the scene. They are the world’s first web host built specifically to provided scalable, managed WordPress hosting for businesses and individuals alike. They utilize Amazon’s cloud-based Web Services to support countless websites running WordPress.


Pagely offers numerous advantages over traditional web hosting environments for people seeking WordPress hosting. Many of the features that Pagely gives customers may be purchased in the form of a plan or as extras to expand the base functionality of their plans.

To give a better idea of what Pagely has to offer, let’s examine the pros and cons of Pagely’s hosting. You should keep in mind that not all of these attributes apply to every feature or package, which means it’s important to review each plan or extra before you purchase it.


  • Cloud Technology – Amazon’s cloud service is one of the most reliable services around the world. Their technology is robust and reliable, which means that your website will almost always be accessible.
  • Customized Cache Engines –Caching is a practice that turns content that remains static in a dynamic environment into a static file. This reduces the amount of processing power required for your website, which in turn makes your website capable of handling significantly more visitors. Pagely runs two customized cache engines to accomplish this.
  • Flexible Features – Pagely hosting allows you to purchase things like extra bandwidth, CPU cycles and more in addition to their base plans. This can allow you to pay less if you need just a bit more more power but lack the need to upgrade to a larger plan.
  • PressCDN – By hosting your content on a CDN, you ensure that the largest parts of your website can be loaded by visitors as quickly as possible while caching static parts of your website. Pagely provides different amounts of PressCDN with each of their packages.
  • Trouble-Free Upgrades – Pagely automatically upgrades installations of WordPress for you. This minimizes the risk of hackers breaching your website’s security using publicly available WordPress exploits.
  • World-Class Support – Pagely offers astounding support to its customers. You’ll never be left int eh dark when you have a question or issue that needs to be resolved.


  • Geographic Limitations – While Amazon Web Services is capable of providing access to your website anywhere in the world, some locations may not be as fast due to data centers being hosted further away. This can be a problem if your visitors are mainly located in Africa or Asia.
  • Only WordPress – Though Pagely’s web hosting can be considered top of the line, it’s limited to just WordPress. You won’t be able to create static pages without using WordPress as an intermediate, and you may be limited as to what additional applications your website can run.

Pagely’s Packages

Pagely offers three types of hosting plans: Personal/Business, VPS and Enterprise. Each plan is designed to facilitate the needs of different businesses seeking WordPress hosting.

While Pagely does use cloud hosting, these packages can still be likened to the more traditional types of hosting environments. They provide similar amounts of power and resources while offering the incredible flexibility that only cloud hosting can provide.

Let’s examine each of Pagely’s packages more closely.


This is the most basic of Pagely’s hosting packages. It’s designed to be used by fairly small businesses or businesses that need to host multiple website with just one hosting account.

These plans include the Business, Professional and Ultimate packages. Resources scale from 10 to 30 GB of hard drive space, 10 to 50 GB of bandwidth, 50 GB to 250 GB of PressCDN transfer and a low to high number of PHP workers.

This makes the Personal/business plans capable of hosting anywhere from 3 to 20 average WordPress websites. You can stretch your hosting plan significantly further if you limit yourself to one or two WordPress websites on the higher tiers of packages.

This makes the Personal/Business tier of plans perfect for small businesses with 1,000 to 20,000 visitors per month.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans from Pagely offer much more control than the Personal/business tier of plans. You gain access to a VPS instance, which can be accessed via SSH. You can even deploy your own code using GIT or SVN repositories.

The other unique trait of Pagely’s VPS service concerns how they provide your WordPress hosting in software-as-a-service (SaaS) form. This allows Pagely to take care of everything involving kernel and application upgrades while your IT team only needs to manage the individual parts of your WordPress website.

As for the raw statistics of Pagely’s VPS packages, these packages include resources in the following amounts: 50 GB of storage, 150 to 500 GB of bandwidth transfer, 750 GB to 3.5 TB of PressCDN and a very high number of PHP worker threads.

This makes Pagely’s VPS packages suitable for medium to large businesses with up to 50 sites or several tens of thousands of visitors each month.


The last tier of packages that Pagely offers includes their enterprise hosting plans. The difference with these plans is that they can scale as large as your business needs.

These are the same plans designed to run WordPress blogs from Twitter, Disney,, Microsoft and countless other household companies. These are the most robust plans that are tailored to the exact needs of these incredibly large brands.

This means that there is no limit to what Pagely can provide in terms of enterprise solutions, but it also means that there is no public estimate for how much these plans cost. You must contact Pagely to receive an estimate.

If you have an incredibly large business that doesn’t need to concern itself with security or IT issues with your website, then this is the hosting plan for you.


  • Scalable Hosting
  • Fast, Efficient Delivery with PressCDN
  • Competitive, Worry-Free Solutions for Small Businesses
  • Managed WordPress Solutions
  • WordPress Hosting Designed to Meet Your Exact Needs
  • Pagely WordPress Limit is Designed with Only the Sky as the Limit

Additional Services

Pagely WordPress Hosting offers three major additional services that are designed to combine with their packages. You may order each of the following services in chunks that fit your needs without being forced to upgrade to a larger package.

Pagely’s additional services include:

  • Bandwidth Expansion
  • Disk Expansion
  • PressCDN Expansion


Pagely offers a worry-free managed WordPress hosting service. This service is designed to scale with your business, which makes them the perfect host for your business if you plan to exclusively host your website using WordPress.

One thing to note is that Pagely’s services can be combined with the services from other hosts. You may wish to use Pagely to run your business’s WordPress blog while contracting another host like Amazon Web Services to power all your web-based application needs. This type of arrangement is similar to what sites like Twitter do.

Data Centers

Given that Pagely uses Amazon Web Services and PressCDN, they have access to countless data centers around the globe. There are multiple locations located in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

This is the unique advantage that Pagely offers with their WordPress hosting.


Pagely was started in 2006. Their central focus was creating a scalable WordPress hosting solution that allowed for the rapid deployment of WordPress websites. This allowed them to focus on providing their services to businesses of all sizes and businesses that primarily dealt with web design for WordPress.

Their hosting capability expanded greatly with their inclusion of Amazon Web Services and its cloud technology.

Given their adoption of new technology and a customer-oriented attitude, Pagely has since grown to be one of the largest WordPress hosting providers in existence.

User Experience

Most users have stated that Pagely was one of their favorite web hosting providers. They cite the easy-to-use service, the security and reliability of Pagely as the most attractive parts of Pagely WordPress hosting.

The few negative reviews left by users tend to comment on how some regions may have slow access times when accessing website hosted by Pagely. These regions tend to be in the Oceania region, and some of these issues may have since been solved by the recent expansion of Amazon Web Service.

Customer Support

Pagely has two main ways to acquire support: via their Twitter account, @Pagely, and via their support ticket system at

You should be able to contact support at any hour of any day to receive a prompt reply. Your issue should be resolved within a few hours of notifying Pagely.

Guarantee + Cancellation

Pagely’s service-level agreement offers four major guarantees with their hosting: 100% network uptime, 100% infrastructure uptime, 1-hour hardware replacement and nightly backups.

You may file a claim for service credit if any of these guarantees are not upheld.

Cancellation and filing for service credit requests can be done by contacting Pagely’s customer support. You may be asked for additional information to verify your identify, as information pertaining to your website may be immediately deleted upon cancellation.

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