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WordPress has evolved into an open-source platform that can do much more than simply blogging; you can use it to run a professional business website with a high degree of customization to suit your needs.

The challenge in using WordPress is not setting it up; it’s trying to find a reliable host that can steadily serve a large amount of visitors with the information your website contains.

Flywheel hosting specializes in providing you with quality WordPress hosting. Unlike other web hosting providers, their plans are constructed in such a way that you need to worry more about your visitors and less about figuring out what kind of hardware or hosting plan suits your website’s needs the best.

Let’s take a look at Flywheel hosting to understand what makes it unique for businesses interested in just WordPress while examining the service as compared to traditional hosting arrangements.


The central focus of Flywheel WordPress hosting is to provide managed hosting that simply works. This aims to reduce the number of support claims that customers must open while increasing the time that websites hosted by Flywheel are accessible to visitors.

The thing to keep in mind about these pros and cons is that they apply to Flywheel’s hosting services as a whole. These may not apply to individual packages, which means that you should inspect them closely to ensure they are what you want.


  • Easy WordPress Solutions – The most technically involved thing you will deal with when it comes to Flywheel is clicking one or two buttons on a WordPress installer. Your website will automatically update and be as maintenance-free as you prefer it after that.
  • Rapid Communication – Flywheel puts in a considerable amount of effort towards notifying customers when there is a planned downtime or when the unplanned happens. They utilize social media like Twitter and Facebook to keep their customers current about their services.
  • Reliability – Uptime is an important factor when it comes to web hosts. Flywheel promises and delivers at least 99.9 percent uptime for all their hosting packages.
  • Size-Appropriate Packages – The pay-per-site plans are divided into packages that reflect your monthly visits. This makes it especially easy for you to determine the appropriate hosting package, which is yet another thing that most hosts leave up to you to discover.
  • Superior Support – In addition to notifying you using social media and email when something happens to your website, Flywheel takes the extra initiative to put a superb customer support system in place. Their agents will answer your questions as completely as possible and resolve your problems in a timely period.


  • Only WordPress – Unlike other web hosts, Flywheel hosting deals specifically with just WordPress hosting. This means that you shouldn’t use them for hosting traditional website of websites that are an amalgamation of a static website with WordPress.
  • Sparse Unplanned Downtimes – While the websites hosted by Flywheel seem to maintain a 99.9 percent uptime, Flywheel’s website seems to be up around 80 to 95 percent of the time. This can make reporting problems difficult, which means that it’s a good idea to write down the customer support number for when you do need to contact them.


Flywheel hosting offers three major packages: pay-per-site hosting, bulk plans and custom plans. Each one is designed to work to meet the needs of different sizes and types of businesses while providing the same superior level of managed hosting.

Let’s explore each type of package to better understand what their uses are.

Pay-Per-Site Hosting

The most basic of Flywheel’s hosting is the pay-per-site packages. These are designed to be used by businesses that need just one WordPress site for all their needs, which is the most common WordPress hosting arrangement.

Each pay-per-site package works with just one WordPress installation. You have access to 5 to 20GB of disk space, 250GB to 1TB of bandwidth, SSL certificates, multi-site options and CDN services.

Flywheel’s pay-per-site hosting works best for businesses and individuals who only need one major WordPress website. While somewhat pricier than other types of hosting, it does give you the ability to have a secure and reliable WordPress site that doesn’t require you to learn anything about web hosting.

Bulk Plans

Flywheel hosting gives you access to bulk plans, which allow multiple WordPress installations. You’ll gain less resources per website, but the resources you get should be more than sufficient for most businesses that require multiple websites.

The bulk plans are designed for resellers or businesses that require multiple WordPress installations. These plans are perfect for you if you design websites for clients, create websites to sell or simply require numerous websites to support your franchise.

The best part is that if one website begins to use more resources, you can arrange a custom plan with Flywheel. This will allow you to save money while still being able to operate that website.

Custom Plans

The greatest advantage of Flywheel’s hosting concerns the large degree of flexibility they afford customers seeking custom plans. This allows you to acquire a hosting setup that revolves around the resources you need based on the number of visits your website needs.

When you contact Flywheel for a custom plan, you’ll be in contact with someone who knows what they’re talking about. You can simply describe your website, show the agent an existing version of it and run through any extra hosting requirements you might need.

When you finally do have a custom plan, you’ll gain access to the same top-quality level of managed hosting that every other package brings.

Custom plans are designed for businesses that need unique WordPress hosting. This could mean you need more robust servers or that you need a hosting arrangement capable of handling several high-traffic websites.


Flywheel WordPress hosting comes with several unique features that the majority of other hosts fail to provide in one comprehensive way.

Some of Flywheel’s most attractive features are:

  • 24/7 Support – You’ll always be able to contact someone for answers and inquiries into problems.
  • Easy Hosting – You don’t need to take classes in web hosting to understand how to make your WordPress site work. Flywheel will take care of most problems you encounter.
  • Free Migrations – Transfer your existing WordPress website to Flywheel with no extra costs.
  • Optimized Installations – Flywheel’s WordPress installations are optimized from the start. This allows you to have more simultaneous visitors with fewer resources.
  • Speed – One of the major benefits of dealing with just WordPress hosting is that Flywheel can optimize their servers for it. This results in incredibly fast page load times, which can translate to better performance in search engines.

Additional Services

While Flywheel specializes in providing WordPress hosting that simply works, they also provide additional services designed to make your WordPress website more professional or secure for your visitors to use.

These additional services include:

  • Customized Hosting Solutions
  • Additional Resource Allocation
  • SSL Certificates
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Learning Resources for Website Owners
  • Website Migration


What sets Flywheel apart from other web hosts is their dedication to WordPress. They focus specifically on providing hosting configured to run WordPress as efficiently and reliably as possible.

This has allowed them to expand their services to businesses of all sizes seeking WordPress hosting. They cater to businesses that need only one WordPress website that can handle any amount of visitors per month.

The only thing that might make their hosting unattractive for small businesses is their comparatively costlier nature. Flywheel seldom offers deals for new customers on their smallest hosting packages, which means that medium to large businesses will find flywheel’s prices and support the most favorable.

Data Centers

Flywheel hosting uses top-quality data centers capable of supporting a large amount of simultaneous bandwidth transfer. They are backed by redundant power systems, which makes them that much more reliable.

Flywheel’s data centers are currently set up with:

  • 90 percent of websites in their New York City, New York data centers.
  • 10 percent of websites in San Francisco, California.

This makes their hosting optimal for businesses dealing primarily within the United States.


Flywheel was a simple start-up company started in 2012 by a small team of entrepreneurs. Their goal was an incredibly simple one that they have maintained until today: they wanted to provide web designers, developers and website owners with a simple type of hosting that just worked with WordPress.

Their goal was to solve the technical challenges that prevented most companies from running their own websites. This made them popular with small and medium businesses interested in WordPress’s open-source framework.

As Flywheel grew, they expanded their server capacity and designed new solutions for larger businesses. This enabled them to create custom solutions capable of running dynamic WordPress websites for businesses of all sizes.

Throughout their development, they have also maintained a high degree of interest in what the customer thinks. This has allowed them to grow to be one of the most successful WordPress hosting companies.

User Experience

An overwhelmingly positive amount of feedback has been left with regards to Flywheel’s hosting. Users remark that the reliability and performance associated with Flywheel’s servers is one of the most favorable parts of their hosting. They also mention that the customer service responds quickly to problems and provides fulfilling answers rather than simply closing out support tickets like some hosts do.

The only negative feedback concerning Flywheel is the occasional inaccessible state of their website. This can be partially circumvented by simply opting to use Flywheel’s customer service phone support when their website is inaccessible.

Customer Support

There are three ways for customers to contact Flywheel. They may:

  • Open a ticket by emailing help
  • Call (888) 928-8882.
  • Chat with a customer service representative by using the live chat on

The average response time for phone calls and emails is around ten minutes. Live chat tends to be answered immediately. Problems may be escalated to another department in the event that they require the expertise of a technician.

Guarantees + Cancellation

Unlike other hosts, Flywheel does not offer any guarantees with their hosting. You cannot redeem a money-back guarantee if you dislike your hosting experience, but Flywheel may be willing to credit you if you experience downtime in excess of 0.1% per month.

Termination and resolutions for excessive downtime can be conducted by contacting Flywheel using the above details. Bear in mind that terminating your website may require extra details, such as your name or the last four digits of your credit card, to prove that you are the website owner.

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