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Control Panel: cPanel
Plan Name: Shared Hosting
Data Transfer: Unlimited
Disk Space: Unlimited
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Price: $4.95/ month
Moneyback: Anytime
Coupons: 30% OFF

Bluehost, established in 1996, has been providing top-class web hosting solutions. Based in Utah, with their great servers and excellent customer service make this a popular choice among hosting clients. They own and operate their own datacenters. For businesses that seek smooth and quality web hosting, BlueHost has become a solid choice.

WordPress Expert Bluehost Review

Bluehost is pretty much a house hold name in the world of web hosting. Any webmaster worth their HTML has heard of them. There is a reason for this, they provide a great service at a great price and have been in the business for over 15 years.

Ability to host WordPress

Bluehost is ideal for individuals, community groups and small to medium sized businesses. The servers run cPanel. If you do not know what this means, just know this is one of the most common control panels and most web developers are familiar with how it works. Which means most WordPress plugins will work with out any customization.

While most hosting companies only offer fantastico for one click installs Bluehost offers SimpleScripts. Simplescripts is an open source one click installer for over 70 of the web’s top applications. Bluehost was the developer behind SimpleScripts, and several other hosting companies have started to use it.

Pros & Cons


  • Competitive Prices
  • cPanel based servers
  • Reasonably fast servers
  • 1 Click Installs


  • No VPS or Dedicated Servers

Server Speed and Uptime

Their servers are fast and reliable but from time to time I have seen Bluehost hosted sites run slow. Generally you will be in a fast server but from time to time some servers will run slow.  It is Bluehost’s policy not to switch sites to different servers if the sever is running slow. We know this from first hand experience when one of our Bluehost hosted sites started to run slow and nothing had changed on our end.

If you have enterprise hosting requirements like a dedicated server then Bluehost may not be the best fit, the sweet spot of Bluehost’s services is shared hosting.

With both of the two above negatives being said, Bluehost still provides excellent servers with great uptime.


Since blue host uses cPanel based servers the move was straight forward with no surprises.  This is one of the advantages of using a cPanel hosting company every thing is familiar and all of the technology works great with WordPress.

Customer Support

We have been very pleased with our blue host experience.  Tech support was available when we needed them (phone, chat, email), WordPress runs great, no permission or software compatibility issues. Everything has worked just like it should. For those who are interested all tech support is US based.

Plans & Prices

Price is also in-line with many of the other shared hosting companies.  Bluehost keeps the plans simple and you can really save some money if you sign up for 3 years.  I would recommend going for either 1 year or 3 years.  They do offer an anytime money back guarantee so if you select and pay for 3 years and then need to cancel.  I have not heard any complaints of Bluehost not refunding any money

Review Conclusion

Bluehost’s hosting plan is simple and offers everything you will need for a WordPress site.  They are a well established company with 24/7 US based tech support which is responsive and helpful..

If you are new to web hosting or looking to switch hosting companies, Bluehost is worth checking out.

Bluehost Features & Detailed Information

Hosting Plans

BlueHost offers a comprehensive shared hosting plan for Linux systems. As a global web hosting provider, they provide a competitive, highly functional and attractively priced package. This includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, 1 free domain, 100 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, 2500 email accounts and a free site builder. All this is available for just $7.95 per month.

BlueHost Technical and WordPress Features

Features like 99.54% uptime, free scripts and e-commerce tools, unlimited storage and bandwidth and advanced server support make BlueHost web hosting highly attractive and effective. Support for scripts like PHP 4 or 5, PERL 5, Python and Ruby on Rails is also provided. The ecommerce and web blogs tools are easy to use and help you make a WordPress blog within no time. Shopping carts, streaming audio and video, live chat software and SSL certificates are other impressive features of BlueHost packages.

BlueHost Customer Support

  • Phone Support: Yes
  • Email Support: Yes
  • Support Ticket System: Yes
  • Live Support Chat: Yes
  • Support Forums: Yes
  • FAQ & Knowledgebase: Yes
  • Video Tutorials: Yes

BlueHost is a web hosting provider that emphasizes on timely and useful customer support. The website offers support options like Open a Ticket, Browse Knowledgebase, Video tutorials, user forum. Email and telephone support is also prompt and effective.  As per BlueHost, your call will be answered within two minutes by trained and friendly personnel.

Visit BlueHost

Steven Johnson, a WP Hosting Reviews senior editor, works from Atlanta and covers all things related to WordPress and Hosting. He graduated from Georgia Tech in Chemical Engineering, has managed hosting companies and now builds WordPress and Joomla Websites for small to medium companies full time.

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Bluehost Review4.25Steven Johnson2009-07-26 07:07:26Bluehost is another excellent WordPress host and are home to over 1 million domains.

They have a long history of excellent service and support for open source projects. Read our full Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

Other Benefits:
One full featured plan
Responsive Tech Support
Excellent WordPress Host and Open source supporter

It is worth learning more and considering Bluehost and reading our reviews.

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4 Responses to Bluehost Review

  1. Andy G. says:
    Overall Rating 90/100
    Customer Support
    Speed & Uptime

    I have really enjoyed hosting with BlueHost.

    They are one of the bigger hosting companies out there but they still do a good job with the attention to customer service detail.

    I have a small wordpress blog (100 to 150 visits/day) and it runs just fine on a shared account. If you have a very large site with thousands of visitors you may want to look at another host that provides dedicated or virtual private servers. Pretty sure Bluehost does not offer these services.

    I signed up for the annual billing, not sure if you can do monthly. It is a good service so I would rather pay once than have to see the charge every month.

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  2. David B says:
    Overall Rating 90/100
    Customer Support
    Speed & Uptime

    When I first started looking for web hosting several years ago I was expecting a huge hit in immediate traffic from another site. I called their sales department and they worked with me so thoroughly on just my first call that I became more confident they would be able to deliver what I needed.

    looking back I feel relieved that I made a good choice with them. I only had their shared server ($6.95) plan and it supported over a 25,000+ visitors a month in 2009 for me personally.

    The WordPress feature is what I have mainly used with them. Unfortunately the first time I set it up WordPress manually, then I found simple scripts, and that saved me some trouble. I have set up several blogs with them and it’s been easy as pie.

    Last note, their tech support when I started with them was pretty good. But over the past few years they’ve gotten way better. I call them before I install blogs or if I’ve screwed something up. They are super nice and work well with you.

    Great features. haven’t used them all, but it seems like they have a lot. I recommend!

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  3. David says:
    Overall Rating 68/100
    Customer Support
    Speed & Uptime

    I got started with Bluehost then they suddenly suspended my account without warning, claiming that I had violated their terms of service. I had to get them on the phone to find out why, and they claimed it’s because the IP address I used when I signed up with came from a different country than my one my contact information is in.

    Guess what guys, it’s a WORLD WIDE Web and it’s OK to use IP addresses from different countries. Furthermore I read their Terms of Service and this is NOT a violation.

    This is seriously uncool that a hosting company would suspend a customer’s website WITHOUT checking with that customer FIRST about a concern! Especially when they’re in the wrong! I immediately moved my hosting elsewhere.

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    2 / 2 found this review helpful.
  4. Daisy says:

    I am moving away from Bluehost. They’re fine for small static sites but get any sort of community going and you’ll be throttled, even on pro. Lots of 504 errors, slow servers, weak technical support. If you’ve got a site that your income depends on, move away from Bluehost. I am.

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